WVUS 2018 Christmas Resource

A volunteer teacher at World Vision’s Reading Camp in Moyo, Zambia leads children through their reading lessons. Summary: Jenara Mumbulu, 45, (in blue checked shirt) is a community volunteer trained to teach Reading Camps like this one in Moyo, Zambia. “We start with a song and then a prayer,” she says, as the children sing “Jesus loves children like you and me.” Jenara is a farmer during the week. On Sundays, however, she teaches children to read. It’s all part of Literacy Boost, which focuses on children ages 7-10, making sure that they get the foundational reading skills they need at an early age. Shepherd Chilombe directs the program in Moyo. He encouraged the Ministry of Education to train five community members to teach this class, to rotate shifts and ensure there’s always a teacher available. He’s from Moyo himself. “My father was a cook at the Jembo Mission Hospital. He used the little resources he was getting to send me to school.” Now Shepherd is bringing literacy to the school he attended. “Jembo Primary is one of the schools where we are implementing our project. I think I learned to read in 5th grade. I could not break through from grades 1 through 4. When I went into fifth grade I began to read.” It’s important to Shepherd that children read early and read well. “This program starts children in the first grade. The first grade is the foundation of everything. You can’t move forward if you don’t know how to read.” The program is starting small and expanding. “We’ve started with 10 centers. There will be 5 centers in Moyo and 5 centers in Hamaundu,” he says. “They will run all year long, not just throughout the school year. As we progress in the next year, there will be more. We will serve about 1,250 children in Hamaundu and 1,250 in Moyo. About 2,500.” Shepherd says that this program proves the Global Power Claim that because of our community-focused solutions, for every child you help, 4 more childr


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