c1900076: celebrating family

Mrs. Him Noun and her family of four share one large, dilapidated wooden slab for a bed. Calling their abode, a modest one would be grossly insincere. Yet, Mrs. Noun beams with optimism and excitement when she talks about her husbandÕs remarkable change after attending the Celebrating Family workshops conducted by World Vision. ÒHe is a changed man now. He doesnÕt drink as much and when IÕm busy he helps with taking care of the little ones. He gives the younger one a bath every now and then and is in control of his anger, we are a happier family todayÓ, she says with a whiff of hope.
ÒCelebrating Family has changed me. When I first attended a session, I was an angry and irresponsible drunk. The facilitator at Celebrating Family told me that I could build a home out of sand or rocks. A home built out of sand is weak and fragile and could crumble at any moment. But one which is built out of rocks is strong and sustainable. This story touched my heart and thus began my journey as a changed manÓ says Mr. Noun Kari. His wife smiles brightly upon hearing this and tells us ÒIf you offer me money or a changed husband, I will always go for my husband. Celebrating Family has given me my husband backÓ. As they finish their mid-day meal Sreynit and the puppy waltz out into the sun, borrowing the optimistic energy from their mother, Mrs. Noun.


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